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Selling Tips

Choosing Your Agent - If we can give only one piece of advice on choosing the appropriate agent to sell your home - don’t look only at who is the cheapest but at who you FEEL is going to represent you the BEST. That person is the one who is holding your wallet in their hands so make sure it’s the right person for you.

Preparing Your Home for Sale - Presentation! Presentation! Clean it up people! Go to other open homes and research your competition and make sure your home looks more cared for and more loved than any of theirs, buyers definitely notice this! This comes across to the buyers that you have looked after the property.

Expectations - Everybody wants their home to be worth millions but you need to be realistic, you may have added cost to an emotion not a fact. You may have incredible memories in your home and they are priceless to you, but your buyers haven’t made any memories there yet. 

Appraisal Process - Your agents should give you a CMA which will show you all relevant sales in your area of homes that are similar to yours in the last six months. These should be facts not opinions! Deciding to Sell Once you have your price range and have picked your agent, sit down and make sure that this is what you want to do, can the lowest amount in the appraisal range get you to where you want to be? If not it might pay to wait or rent the property out, selling is not always the only option.

Building and Pest Inspections - It pays to get a pest and building report before you go to market so you can fix anything that may pop up, it also gives you a chance to get the things fixed that will lose you money on any renegotiations during the contract process.

Your First Offer - Your first offer is usually your best one! Sellers will often think that if they get a fantastic offer in the first 24-48 hours that a higher offer will come, that is not usually the case. When those offers come along it generally means that the buyers have been in the market for a while and are ready to go and have missed out on other properties - so when you think about it, it makes sense that they will jump on yours and pay well for the property if it suits their needs.

Open Homes - We always recommend sellers do not stay for the open homes as buyers feel they can’t be honest about the property as they do not want to hurt your feelings.

Marketing / Commissions - Marketing packages should not be one size fits all - they should be created to suit each particular property. Commissions are pretty standard most agents are within .5% - 1% difference, don’t forget though that the cheapest is not always the best! We believe it is better to work up to a certain standard not down to a price

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