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Buying Tips

Conveyancing - It really pays to research who you are going to use to represent you in the buying process, you will need your conveyancer to make sure that the property you are buying is up to code and to ensure any contracts you sign are in your best interest. They can make a big difference to the sale process. Fees, Charges and Out of Pockets Expenses Conveyancing Approx - $1,000.00-$1,500.00 Pest and Building Inspections Approx - $500.00 - $700.00

Stamp Duty - Download a free stamp duty calculator so you can easily work out how much you will have to pay.

Mortgage Brokers - It pays to use a good mortgage broker as they will have more options available to them for getting a loan approved than the standard big 4 banks, it also pays to spread your mortgages through different banks so they are not all with the same institution.

Inspecting the Property - If you are able to always try to do a drive by of the property you want to look at first to see if it is located in an area that you would like to live in. It is also a good idea to drive past at different times of the day or night to see what is happening in the area - e.g. Friday and Saturday nights.

Contracts and Clauses - Rule number one - always get your contract checked by your conveyancer before you sign anything, check for any inclusions and exclusions in the contract PLUS if you need to sell first make sure your contract is subject to the settlement or sale of your home.

Finding the Right Home - We believe if you are buying a home to live in you will know when you walk into it that it is the one for you. It will feel like home.

Easements - Always ask the agent about any easements that may be on the block, they are not always detrimental sometimes they are actually a benefit, but always ask.

Body Corp - Any property for sale that has a body corporate must have a body corporate disclosure statement available to view, this will tell you how much the annual fees are and how much they have in their sinking fund which is used for repairs to common areas.

Inclusions / Exclusions - If you imagine turning a house upside down and shaking it - everything that falls out is a chattel and everything that stays behind is a fixture, if there are items that are chattels that the seller is leaving behind for you, make sure it is included in the contract. If they are taking fixtures like air conditioners etc make sure it is also in the contract.

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